Metal Roofs

If you own, or are building, a Carrollton home or commercial building and are thinking about metal roofing, you'll need the expertise of a Carrollton roof contractor who specializes in metal roofs. We are that company!

Carrollton Metal Roof Contractor

Metal roofs require special roofing expertise. As a Carrollton roof contractor, not only are we roofing experts, we are metal roof specialists! We help both residential and commercial customers with all aspects of metal roofing including:

  • Metal roof repair
  • Metal roof design
  • Metal roof installation
  • Metal roof removal
  • Metal roof replacement

Metal Roof Types

Metal roofs come in many different forms and are made out of different types of metals. Your Carrollton metal roof contractor can help you select the best metal roofing style and material for your budget. Among the more common metal roof types available are:

  • Steel metal roofing
  • Aluminum metal roofing
  • Copper roofing

In addition, metal roofing takes different forms including large metal panels and smaller metal tiles and shingles. The type and form of metal roofing create different looks. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern look or want a durable metal roof with a cozy, warm look, our roofing consultant can help you select the right materials.

Metal Roof Benefits

As a Carrollton roof contractor that specializes in metal roofing, we understand why metal roofs have become so popular. Metal roofs are among the longest lasting roof types you can install! Coated metal roofing materials and aluminum roofing eliminate concerns about rust and oxidation, looking as good fifty years from now as they do today. Metal roofs are also able to shed snow efficiently, preventing damaging snow and ice accumulation. They're also a terrific choice for energy efficiency and solar panel installation. If you're concerned about the environment, you'll love the fact that metal roofs are also recyclable.

If you're looking for a durable, long lasting roof type for your Carrollton, Texas home, you can't go wrong by choosing a metal roof!